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A time to return to LOVE.

A time to return to LOVE.

Based on many Astrological charts and predictions it appears that April will be a challenging time for many of us.  A time “to break with the past”, to “let go of the things that are holding us back”.  A time where conflict may arise, where “life-changing decisions may have to be made”.  “Buried issues can arise”, forcing us to step up to the plate and act accordingly.  We may notice that the way we do things isn’t working how it used to.  This will obviously affect politics, government , and business structures as well.

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YIKES!  This kind of forecast usually leaves me wanting to crawl up into a ball and hide under the covers and remove myself from society.  But that would be fear talking.  That would be an old habit and way of dealing with life sneaking its way back into my being.  That would be me letting fear, worry, guilt, remorse, regret, and doubt take control of me, and my Soul is tired of having to learn lessons that way.

We all have our own habits that we fall back on… being angry at someone else for our situation, deep seeded guilt for making mistakes and being human, holding back because of the fear of rejection or failure.  Well, the Universe is giving us a chance to choose LOVE instead of fear, and it’s not asking us to do it on the beach underneath a rainbow.  Its in the face of diversity, challenge, and chaos.  The Universe and God are GIVING us an opportunity to react and live from a space of LOVE.

Love guides us to see the beauty beneath the chaos, the lessons in the challenges, the wonderful family and friends, the abundance of good fortune and blessings that have been bestowed upon us, and a future that is even brighter and more magnificent than we could have imagined.

But Only Love can show us the Light.  Darkness can not be illuminated by fear.  Darkness is asking for light to shine on it.  So its time for us to pull out our love-flashligts and point light in the direction of darkness.

God has created us to be LOVE.  Our natural state of being.  Its time to return to that place, to return to what our Soul desires and what the world needs.  As Marianne Williamson so brilliantly wrote “its time to return to LOVE”.

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