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By February 21, 2017Everyday Life

If you know me then you know I love attention.  If you don’t know me then you know I love attention (I post a blog, FB messages, IG pics and vids and teach yoga in front of crowds, come on its obvious).  But for the past several years, for some reason my birthday has been the one day I didn’t want attention. It felt forced, like when your parents make you go to church when your 10. (btw my parents gave me the choice to choose my religious practice)

But today everything changes!  Today I celebrate my birth on Earth.  My 35 year journey in this lifetime.  As I deepen my understanding of the Universe I realize that I am significant.  I matter.  I make a difference.  I am a drop in the sea. I also understand that my Soul chose this specific life to learn lessons, even those stupid decisions, wise-ass comments, jealous out-bursts, and ridiculous beliefs. I am here to contribute and to live with purpose.

I carefully selected two parents to be my earliest teachers.  And, I must say I chose wisely.  The love they taught me has been a spring board for this lifetime.  I have been shown some of the most amazing teachers that continue to guide me on my path.   I have been given gifts and abilities, friends and what I used to believe were foes (the foes have been my biggest mirrors).  And last night as I watched my angel wife fall asleep I realized that my life is more than a gift, its a huge celebration of beauty and love!

So I encourage all of you to celebrate you!  Not just on your birthday but everyday.  Celebrate the lessons (usually wrapped in difficult challenges), the gifts, and the love and beauty you bring to the sea!

Happy birthday to me!

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