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Go with the Flow (Mercury Retrograde)


Its time to find Calm in the Chaos. The powerful planet of Mercury has appeared to yet again, slow down or even move back as it made its way into Retrograde.

(Now, its important to realize I am just at the beginning of my understanding of Astrology but have felt the influence of  it my whole life.)

From Feb. 6-28 Mercury will be up to its normal tricks.  Known for being a trickster and prone to misbehavior What we are likely to experience is “challenges” with scheduling, making appointments, electronics, and travel.  Does this mean we should hide under a blanket till the end of the month? (I know what you’re thinking, I thought about it too!), No!  It means it’s time for us to LET GO and GO WITH THE FLOW!

We live day to day trying to control everything.  Ourselves, the people in our lives, work, finances, our schedule, our emotions, our bodies, so when things don’t go the way we ‘expect’ we become overwhelmed with frustration, irritation, anger, jealousy, worry, depression and any other manifestation of fear.  Sometimes what we really need is to just let go.  Let go of that control and trust that the Universe, God, the Divine and our Soul have a plan.

I find that I want things to happen now!  I want to be fully connected to soul in this and every moment.  I want to be enlightened yesterday, I want heaven here and now on earth.  And the moment I resist the natural order, the moment I get impatient, the moment I try to force or rush the process I am given a lesson that slows me down and brings me back to the work that needs to be done first.

Letting go of anything is hard.  Relationships, a loved one, a job, a habit, or control.  But in this third dimension we live in we have time.  Use this time (Feb 6-28) to practice letting go of anything that no longer is serving you in this moment.  Worry, self-doubt, guilt, and what ever you’re trying to control (you fill in the blank).

I guess it’s a matter of trusting that everything that is happening is happening for a reason.  Sounds so cliche, but true.  And Mercury Retrograde is a time to be patient with the car that won’t start, the business meeting that got moved to noon when you normally practice yoga.  It’s an opportunity for us to find that free spirited hippie in all of us and “just go with the flow man”.

I recommend meditating on letting go.  You can do it by lying down and with every exhale just say let go (let go of tension in your body or fear in your mind) do it for 10 minutes in the morning.  Do it lying in bed, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.  And of course taking a Yoga Class (when you get there, don’t be so rigid, so perfect. Feel your body, release tension, let go)

Enjoy the discomfort of letting go of control and feel the joy in being in the flow.

I love you all.



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