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“I must love being judged”

This blog is inspired by the 108 day Karma challenge I am leading.

Today is day 36 of the Karma challenge.  The Karma seed  is to let go of a judgment you hold of a famous person.

Where to start right? And with who?

From the outside it is really easy for us to pass judgement on what we see in the media. We are given a snippet of the story about some musician dancing naked on a stage, some athlete accused of taking steroids, a politician who cheated on his spouse, a diva who was rude to a waiter at a restaurant.

We never hear the whole story.  We don’t know their personal struggles, their past experiences that have shaped their current understanding.  We become blinded by a deep down fear.  (I’ll touch on this later)

And if we do take the time to realize they are human just like you and me, we rarely cut them the slack that we want everyone to cut us.  To recognize that they, like us are far from perfect.  They say stupid things, they make mistakes and they have bad days too.

Now here is where the personal work comes in.

I believe that everything we see and experience is really coming from us.  Our judgements, perceptions, criticisms, the things that frustrate us, irritate us and make us uncomfortable are based on our own personal issues.

Yep, take a minute and really reflect on the most recent judgement you’ve made about someone.

I have found every time someone judges me for something I say or do its an opportunity to recognize all the judgement I pass onto others.  I see where I  have been closed in my mind and in my heart.  I see the faults of my personality that I want to fix, the behaviors I want to change.  I see where I am not being compassionate, I see where I lack acceptance, I see where I can be more understanding and I face the fact that until I stop holding so many judgements about so many things I better learn to love being judged.

For many of us judgement is a tool for hiding a deep down hidden fear.  The fear of not being loved and accepted.  In some sick, twisted, human way we have created this technique to deflect our own lack of self love and put it on others.  Wrapping it up in a nice package of judgement.  We un-consciously think that if we pass judgement on others we won’t have to face our own shit.

Well its time to smell your shit!

When you notice that you are starting to build any form of judgment about anything, take a deep breath in and, well take a whiff!              Look inside, see if you can discover where the judgment is really coming from.  See the karma seed that you planted in your past, take some responsibly for your thoughts and give yourself some forgiveness, love, and compassion.   Soon we will start to look at those famous people who plaster the headlines and all we will see is other souls going through the lesson plans of life.

Free yourself from being Judged by cutting Miley Cyrus some slack!


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