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Karma Mala Challenge


One of my dear friends gifted me a very unique gift for my birthday.  A Karma Calendar.  A 27 day Karmic adventure that strings together a 27 bead Maitri (loving-kindness) Mala one day and one Karmic Seed (kind act) at a time.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to encourage my fellow spiritual beings to join me on this journey.  Each day I will put a bead on my Mala and be given a Karmic Seed to plant.  I will post each days Seed by leaving a comment on this blog (also follow along on FB, Instagram, and Twitter).  After 27 days I imagine the world will be a little bit more peaceful and loving place and I will have created a mala to wear to remind me of the kind acts that we all did.

Now it’s not that we all need to follow a blog or post to do kind acts, but a daily reminder never hurt!  When we join together with a common intention in our hearts it can be a very powerful thing.   You don’t have to be a Buddhist or even “believe” in the Laws of Karma to join in.  All religions and belief systems are rooted in loving service and kindness.  For me it’s about doing something with like-minded spiritual beings for the greater good of the entire world.

Remember we are all a drop in the giant sea of life, connected through the air we breathe, the Earth below our feet, the actions that we do, the words that we speak, and the thoughts that we think.  So just the smallest act of kindness can have major effects on the people in our lives and strangers all across the globe.

I hope you are inspired to plant Seeds through your loving & kind thoughts and deeds!

Day 1:

write a poem in praise of a loved one today.


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(you can order your own Karma Calendar at )

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