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Mirrors of Love

Mirrors of Love

A mirror shows us our reflection. It gives us a different perspective of ourselves. But the most useful and powerful mirrors are not made of glass. They are made of Souls.
Every single person and situation that we encounter in our everyday life is a mirror for us to see different points of view. An opportunity to see what others see looking right back at us.

Now this is a tough pill to swallow sometimes. When that mirror is an angry stranger cutting you off in traffic and then flipping you off. Or when it’s that annoying lady on the plane who can’t control the volume of her voice. Or that righteous and radical religious person judging others for having a different belief. I know what you’re gonna say, “but I don’t do (fill in the blank)!”. Our ego will do a really good job defending our not so pretty side. But when we begin to see everything as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves we start to gain a deep appreciation for everyone else. We see that every situation is being Divinely orchestrated in a way for us to learn a beautiful lesson. And most often what we see is generosity, compassion, and kindness.

The key is how we react to each and every situation. Do we react with patience, acceptance, and understanding? Do we see those uncomfortable, sometimes awful situations and people as an opportunity for growth? Do we use the one tool that has been given to us to handle any and every situation? LOVE.

I believe we were put on earth to learn one thing… LOVE. Our Soul has set out on a journey to learn, grow, and evolve into LOVE. And some types of growth and evolution come with some form of suffering. The human element of emotion is brought into the equation, and it brings sadness, despair, anger, jealousy, insecurity. But it also brings Joy, compassion, humor, excitement, and passion!

If we chose to see other people and situations as Divine lessons in LOVE we can become more accepting and understanding of others and even more so, of ourselves.

I challenge you to look into the mirror of another person and see what lesson you are being given. How can you be more graceful with the situation and how can you turn it into a lesson of LOVE!

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