Anton Mackey was born and raised in the desert mountain landscape of Albuquerque, NM.
Growing up with two open minded parents, Anton began his spiritual journey, taking his grandmothers to Catholic mass.

After moving to Phoenix in 1997 to peruse a degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology at ASU, he put his spiritual practice on the back burner. A few years later he began self exploration into a a wide variety of diverse spiritual philosophies. A runin with the law led him in search of some stress relief. What he found became his greatest passion and purpose.

He took his first yoga class on August 14, 2008 at At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Shortly there after, he began his teacher training certification under the guidance of John Salisbury, Jenn Chiarelli, Cheryl Oliver and Alex Austin.

Anton experienced tremendous spiritual growth through his yoga practice, but wanted more.
The yoga practice led him to study with a radical Buddhist monk and his loving community.
Equipped with some Dharma teachings and a deep understanding of karma and purpose Anton continued on his spiritual journey.

After a life changing past life experience reconnecting him with his soul mate, Anton began the journey working with plant medicine under the supervision and guidance of his Shaman.
Today he is an experienced Vinyasa Yoga teacher based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He is a faculty teacher for several teacher training programs. He travels all around the country teaching workshops and classes. He leads yoga retreats all over the globe and is a presenter for multiple yoga festivals.

With a background in anatomy & physiology and a passion for seeking the truth, Anton skillfully bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, giving students the freedom to experience the beauty of the divine feminine grace and inner masculine strength.

He is known for creative and mindful sequences that create a space for students to withdraw their senses and take the unique spiritual journey inward.

Anton continues to be a student of many different yoga styles and spiritual traditions and has found the most profound growth and heart opening in his most important teaching ‘gig’ yet, his
role as a father to his son Blue.

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