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April prayer hand backbend

“My Voice” is my blog on all things that inspire me, motivate me, fire me up, interest me and bring passion into my life.  Everything from my yoga philosophy/teaching, to fitness, nutrition, the books I’m reading, and all the amazing things I’m experiencing on my Spiritual Journey.

Most of what I share and teach are ideas, philosophies, beliefs, practices, and wisdom that I am currently learning from my teachers:

  • yoga teachers
  • body workers
  • healers
  • astrologists
  • authors
  • scientists
  • religions
  • my wife Dusti
  • my dog Jack

…and, of course from my own personal experiences.

I must make a disclaimer before My Voice is heard:  My truth, beliefs, and reality are open to change from day to day.  My goal is stay open hearted and minded on my journey and this leads to major shifts in awareness and consciousness.

I hope this blog inspires you to stay open to new ideas and concepts and follow your own Spiritual path towards your higher self!


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