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Yoga Anatomy Series

Courses on:

  • General Anatomy (the skeletal and muscular system/anatomical structures/articulations)
  • Experiential Anatomy (movement of joints, structural alignment)
  • Anatomy of Asana (gain an understanding of anatomical alignment in yoga postures)
  • Mindful Sequencing (applying anatomical awareness to postures, vinyasa sequences, and the structure of a class).

Students will learn anatomy from lecture as well as from first hand experience of their own bodies in movement.

Deepen your anatomical knowledge by learning and feeling the body from the inside out.

Adjustments and Assists

Adjustments give students the gift to more deeply sense themselves.

Learn to safely, and mindfully approach the body to give hands on adjustments to guide students into proper alignment and into a greater connection to their bodies.

*this workshop is suggested for teachers and aspiring teachers*

Sequencing a Flow Class

Mindfully Sequencing with Anatomical Awareness”

This is workshop is for teachers and students who are looking to deepen their anatomical knowledge of yoga postures, while learning to create mindful and intelligent sequences. This workshop will help students/teachers gain a greater understanding of yoga anatomy and a heightened sense of body awareness. We will work on putting together sequences based on proper body mechanics and structural alignment. There will be time for open discussion on how to create sequences with intention and creativity.

Advanced Asanas

You see that one student in the front row who seems like she can do everything, even things you’ve never seen before. 

Your teacher to tells you to “take the advanced version”, or “move into an arm balance from here”. Nows your chance to get detailed instruction on how to take your physical asana practice to the next level.

This is a great workshop for teachers who want to teach and sequence more advanced and tricky postures and sequences into their class.

Presentation/Round Table Discussion

  • Reclaiming the Masculine
  • Bringing Shiva back to Shakti

Join Anton as he helps facilitates a group discussion on the role of the masculine during the Aquarian age. In a time where the Divine Feminine is blossoming and uniting to change the world, how and where does the Masculine fit in? We will openly and candidly discuss this and some of the following questions:

  • What are the roles of the Divine Masculine in the Feminine Goddess movement?
  • How does the Masculine best serve the Feminine?
  • What are some of the old stereotypical views of the masculine?
  • What are some of the qualities of the true masculine?
  • How can the yoga practice lead men back into the masculine role that the feminine needs?

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