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Moving Into Stillness

The goal of yoga is Moksha (freedom). When we are able to calm the fluctuations of mind we reach a state of oneness with the entire universe.

Through this vinyasa practice we will unite Asana and Pranayama to create moving meditations that lead the body and mind into a state of Dharana (deep concentration) and Dhyana (meditation).

The movement of the body is expressed as an expression of the Divine Feminine, while the stillness that is achieved through meditation is an expression of the Divine Masculine. When brought together we are in balance with the universe.

Through asana, pranayama, and meditation this class will help bring a sense of oneness and balance into your life.

Sacred Movement Flow

Working with the wisdom of multiple spiritual paths, this class calls in the four directions and their corresponding elements to create a sacred flow. As above, so below, as without, so within.

Through vinyasa sequences that flow like water and pranayama that builds a passionate fire inside we will connect deeper to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Utilizing the benefits of the physical practice to ground our bodies we allow our spirit to fly!

Guided by the sounds of uplifting beats, we will connect to our highest selves and raise the vibration of our global tribe.

This class includes elements of mediation, pranayama, crystal bowl sound healing and of course asana.

Sun & Moon Flow

Cultivate the energy of the Sun and the Moon through a practice that balances the energy of the Feminine & Masculine, Yin & Yang, Power & Flow, Movement & Stillness.

Several unique and creative salutations and lots of juicy heat building and body burning holds. Expect to feel your body move to the music and find rest in yummy, Yin-like seated postures.

Create a space to experience the beauty of your divine feminine grace and inner masculine strength.

This is my trademark style class. It is a vinyasa flow class that incorporates meditation, pranayama, and asana. You will find mindful sequences and tricky transitions, arm balances and inversions, salutation variations, deep stretches, and hands on adjustments.

Tricky Transitions & Advanced Asanas

If you’re looking for some new inspiration then this is the class for you!

A vinyasa flow class that has it all! From binds & wraps, arm balances & inversions, funky transitions & creative asanas, to pranayama & meditation!

Anton will guide you through mindful and inventive sequences that lead to challenging & invigorating postures. Come have some fun as we take your practice to the next level!

Psoas Release for Heart Opening

Our bodies are a dumping ground for tension and stress. When we experiences stress, tension, anxiety, or trauma, the body immediately goes into the ‘fight or flight’ response. The Psoas muscle (hip flexor) is directly linked to this primal instinct to protect. Under stress the Psoas contracts, becoming tight and short. Add to it the common movements of everyday life and various forms of exercise (cycling, running, hiking), the hip flexors are commonly the tightest muscle group in the body.

This class systematically opens the group of hip flexor muscles, allowing for greater ease in back bending, and energetic heart opening.

Just as we ‘root down to rise up’, when you open the psoas, you open the heart!

Experience new freedom in back bends as we allow energy to flow like a stream, freeing us from the tendency to put up a fight or run and hide.

Detox Flow – Twists, Hips & Arm Balances

Expect to detoxify the insides and awaken 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras with this hip opening, deep twisting class/workshop blend.

Flow through funky transitions that take the body into several twists, while opening up the inner and outer hip. By opening the hips we can began to let go of stuck energy that is keeping us from fully enjoying the present moment. With deep twists we increase blood flow to internal organs while releasing toxins. Through arm balancing we can face our fears and find a greater sense of self confidence.

Come wring out the old and breathe in some new uplifting energy!

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