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Elevate the Spirit

The body is merely the vessel that carries the spirit through the physical world. It is our souls playground. In this playful workshop we will uplift the spirit, build confidence, and face fears as we create lightness and lift within arm balances, inversions and transitions.

Using bandha and core to learn to more gracefully float into and out of postures. We will touch on the anatomical principles of inversions. Students will learn proper alignment, body mechanics, leverage, strength and balance to make inversions happen with greater ease! We will focus on increasing strength and awareness in the jump-up, jump-back, press-up, handstand, and inversion & arm balance transitions.

Anatomy of Arm Balances

A playful and knowledgeable workshop that brings anatomical awareness and alignment principles to arm balances.

Students will learn proper alignment, body mechanics, leverage, strength and balance to make arm balances seem simple! Learn to properly open the body while using the core and bandhas to create lightness and lift in several different arm balances. Understanding the movements and alignment of the major joints of the body help create a stronger foundation for arm balances while giving students more confidence to float and fly!

Anatomy of Handstand

To build a strong handstand practice we must first create a stable, fundamental structure.

In this workshop Anton will breakdown the anatomical alignment of inversions including headstand, forearm balance, and handstand. Focusing on the shoulder girdle, core complex, pelvis, and hand placement to create a foundation for your inversion practice.

Arm Balance Transitions

Learn to take your arm balances to the next level!

Transition in, out, and between arm balances and other postures with ease. Learn to use your core to create lightness and lift while gaining a deeper understanding of anatomical principles that help the body move with more grace and ease.

Play with tricky and fun ways to add arm balances and inversions into your practice. A basic foundation of arm balancing is suggested for this workshop.

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