Workshop Offerings

Anton Mackey breathes passion into his teaching and practice with his ability to connect to the soul. Empowering yogis of all abilities to be moved and challenged both physically and spiritually. From mediation to advanced asana, Anton takes students on a journey through his empowering and inspiring classes. His workshops are filled with creative and accessible ways to break down tricky poses, deep variations and more awareness within the body. His thoughtfulness in creating balanced classes and informative workshops is a direct result of his keen understanding of the anatomy. ~Allison Candelaria, Owner, Soul Yoga Oklahoma City


Master classes are 1.5-2 hours.
  • “Moving into Stillness” All level class

    The goal of yoga is Moksha (freedom). When freedom is achieved we reach a state of oneness with the entire universe. Freedom is reached when the fluctuations of the mind are settled.

    Through this vinyasa practice we will unite Asana and Pranayama to create flow sequences that lead the body and mind into a state of Dharana (deep concentration) and Dhyana (meditation).
    The movement of the body is expressed as an expression of the Divine Feminine, while the stillness that is achieved through meditation is an expression of the Divine Masculine.

    When brought together we are in balance with the universe. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation this class will help bring a sense of oneness and balance into your life.

  • Sacred Movement Flow

    Working with the wisdom of multiple spiritual paths, this class uses the four directions and their corresponding elements to create a sacred flow. As above, so below, as without, so within.
    Through vinyasa sequences that flow like water and pranayama that builds a passionate fire inside we will connect deeper to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

    Utilizing the benefits of the physical practice to ground our bodies we allow our spirit to fly! Guided by the sounds of uplifting beats, this class will connect you to your highest self and raise the vibration of our global tribe. This class that incorporates mediation, pranayama, crystal bowl sound healing and of course asana.

  • Sun & Moon Flow

    Cultivate the energy of the Sun and the Moon through a practice that balances the energy of the Feminine & Masculine, Yin & Yang, Power & Flow, Movement & Stillness.
    Several unique and creative salutations and lots of juicy heat building and body burning holds. Expect to feel your body move to the music and find rest in yummy, Yin-like seated postures.
    Create a space to experience the beauty of your divine feminine grace and inner masculine strength.

    This is my trademark style class. It is a vinyasa flow class that incorporates mediation, pranayama, and asana. The class is balanced between movement and stillness.You will find mindful sequences and tricky transitions that move with the breath and beat of the music. You can expect core exercises, arm balances and inversions, salutation variations, deep stretches, and hands on adjustments.


Workshops can be 2-3 hours. All workshops/classes can be combined.
  • Open hips, open Heart!

    An open heart is the goal of all yogis! However, tension, stress and the rigors of daily activities make it challenging to physically experience an open heart. From poor posture to tight hip flexors, we become limited in fully opening up to the world around us. Through back bending the energy of the 4th Chakra can flow and open with love, compassion, and confidence!

    This backbend class mindfully opens the hip flexors while leading into several heart opening (back bends) postures. We will workshop several advanced back bends including hollow back and drop backs.

  • Detox Flow- Twists, Hips & Arm Balances

    Expect to detoxify the insides and awaken 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras with this hip opening, deep twisting class/workshop blend.

    Flow through funky transitions that take the body into several twists, while opening up the inner and outer hip. By opening the hips we can began to let go of stuck energy that is keeping us from fully enjoying the present moment. With deep twists we increase blood flow to internal organs while releasing toxins. Through arm balancing we can face our fears and find a greater sense of self confidence.

    Come wring out the old and breathe in some new uplifting energy!

  • Anatomy of Arm Balances or Inversions

    A playful and knowledgeable workshop that brings anatomical awareness and alignment principles to arm balances and inversions. Students will learn proper alignment, body mechanics, leverage, strength and balance to make arm balances and inversions seem simple!

    Learn to use the core and bandhas to create lightness and lift in several different arm balances and inversions. Understanding the movements and alignment of the major joints of the body help create a stronger foundation for arm balances and inversions while giving students more confidence to float and fly!

  • “Where do I go from Here?” Arm Balance Transitions

    Learn to take your arm balances to the next level!Transition in, out, and between arm balances and other postures with ease. Learn to use your core to create lightness and lift while gaining a deeper understanding of anatomical principles that help the body move with more grace and ease.

    Play with tricky and fun ways to add arm balances and inversions into your practice.
    A basic foundation of arm balancing is suggested for this workshop.

  • Float and Fly

    This playful workshop is all about creating lightness and lift within arm balances, inversions and transitions. Using bandha and core to learn to more gracefully float into and out of postures.

    We will touch on the anatomical principles of inversions. Students will learn proper alignment, body mechanics, leverage, strength and balance to make inversions happen with greater ease!
    We will focus on increasing strength and awareness in the jump-up, jump-back, press-up, handstand, and arm balance transitions.

  • Adjustments and Assists

    Adjustments give students the gift to more deeply sense themselves. Learn to safely, and mindfully approach the body to give hands on adjustments to guide students into proper alignment and into a greater connection to their bodies. (this workshop is suggested for Teachers and aspiring teachers)

Yoga Anatomy Series:

(2-12 hours)
  • Yoga Anatomy Series (2-12 hours)

    Courses on:
    -General Anatomy (the skeletal and muscular system/anatomical structures/articulations)
    -Experiential Anatomy (movement of joints, structural alignment); Anatomy and asana (the anatomical body in yoga postures);
    -Anatomy of Asana (gain an understanding of anatomical alignment in yoga postures)
    -Mindful Sequencing (applying anatomical awareness to postures, vinyasa sequences, and the structure of a class).

    Students will learn anatomy from observation of a life size skeleton as well as from first hand experience of their own body’s in movement.
    Deepen your anatomical knowledge by learning and feeling the body from the inside out.
    Anton has his degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from Arizona State University